About Kosher Catering in Los Angeles | Nes Events
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Nes Events is a full-service Kosher Catering in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. We offer upscale and service-oriented cuisine with an emphasis on creative décor, food, and concept. We are driven by a deep-rooted passion for food and events, and a fierce dedication to creating dishes that not only inspire the senses, but also enhance tradition with a fresh, modern twist.

About Kosher Catering Los Angeles NES Events

Drew Rosen

Partner & Executive Chef

Throughout his extensive career, Drew has owned and operated six restaurants, been the Executive Chef at two hotels, was the Culinary Director at Pomegranate in Brooklyn, and most recently oversaw most of the operations at Pat’s Restaurant & Catering.


Drew is happily married to his partner in both life and business, Anat, and is the proud father of 4 boys.

Anat Rosen

Partner & Chief Creative

Anat is the creative genius behind Nes Events, named after the miracles that surround us. She is a perfectionist at heart, ensuring that all of our events exceed expectations. Anat’s keen attention to detail helps create innovative presentations from the heart.


Anat has experience managing restaurants, is a certified massage therapist, and a busy mom of the 4 Rosen boys.

Let’s get creative!